ROARing with Jeff Corwin

On Friday night, PA STAR, Meg Griffin, had the opportunity to join some DEN STARs, DEN staff, and Discovery Channel folks for a special event featuring Jeff Corwin.  Here is Meg’s report from the Animal Planet Expo in PA.

Hot town, summer in the city…. Friday night, I had the exciting opportunity to cool down at Alma de Cuba and chat with Animal Planet’s own Jeff Corwin, not to mention Lance, Martha, and other DEN Stars!! Jeff was in town for Animal Planet’s big Expo in Coatsville, PA. As usual, DEN scored some tickets for us, their Stars! Jeff shared with us his most recent project, an investigation into amphibian extinction, most specifically frogs. He stated that at least 120 species of frogs have become extinct since the 1980’s and as many as half of the 6,000 remaining species are endangered. He called frogs “the canaries for our planet.” Visit Animal Planet and the R.O.A.R. page * to learn more about what you can do to help save these creatures.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Meg!

* R.O.A.R. = Reach Out And Respond


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