The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

mikepov.JPGAlthough some of you may be thinking that this is the most wonderful time of the year because the school year is ending, for me it is also the time of student media festivals and teacher awards. Slick Rock had theirs, and you may have had yours at the school, district, or state level. On Saturday, I had the priviledge of hosting the 42nd Annual California Student Media & Multimedia Festival,the nation’s oldest. You can start your own festival, of course! See the comment from Cynthia Ochoa from Nevada who started one from scratchhall-blog-media-festival.png using the CSMMF as a model (their motto: “stimulating students bit by bit,”). Yes, it can work! It is always inspirational to see student work on a big screen. One of my favorite moments was the interview afterwards with students from Val Verde Continuation High school with their fantastic teacher, Robert Del Campo (“DC” to the kids). It was an exceptional entry (see below). The student who did the music said he interview3.jpgwas dropping out until DC got him involved with video production. He composed an original score for the video. The lead character said he did drop out, but returned because he was compelled to tell the story in the project. The director, who pulled it all together, said video production pulled together all his skills. All three now have plans to continue their education. There are two microphones above because both little and tall students had their say in acceptance speeches. Behind the scenes stories were the best: the teacher who explained her kindergarten kids took three weeks to type in the captions to their PhotoStory (or was it iMovie?) entry. Speaking of behind the scenes, pictured right are are Brad Upshaw and Dennis Gricebraddennisplaque.JPG arranging the plaques. Their both left their classroom assignments for the weekend to help celebrate the work of the 50+ winners. Top prizes were $1,000. Of course, the video contest with the $50,000 prize is still open. Don’t let that one slide by! Two minutes maximum time for video entries…. Brad and I have done this for more than a dozen years, and this year we had a Men of Media snapshot. 🙂 The purpose of the Festival is to spread the word about media content creation fo students and the animalplanetroom.JPGspreading has already begun. At the National Training Institute at the Discovery Channel headquarters today (June 2), I showed some of the winners. One of the most fun was Santiago High Schoolbradhallmenofmedia.JPGs Hamlet movie “trailer” show entirely with sock puppets. Movie previews are called ‘trailers’ in the movie industry because originally they were cut while the movie was still being shot and brought to the set to watch in the trailers there. This week is also the Time Warner National Teachers and Principals of the Year Awards in twc_nta08_f-1_thumb.jpgWashington, DC. Scott Kinney and I will be there for that. I’ll get pictures of Scott. Wonder if he’s bringing the guinea pig this time, like FETC. Enjoy samples of the student media projects below for a taste of the great California Student Medai & Multimedia Festival. It was supported, with prizes and presence, by the DEN and Wells Fargo Bank.

Who Am I?

Hamlet Trailer


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  1. Joe Brennan said:

    I heard this year’s CSMMF was so good that Universal tried to put itself out of business!

  2. Gail Lovely said:

    Actually, Joe, I heard the Media Festival was so HOT that Universal spontaneously combusted!

  3. Dennis Grice said:

    This is a great event. Every year I come away both awed and inspired by the videos these kids have created. But for me, the best part of the Media Festival is hearing what the students have to say when they accept their awards. This is a really big deal for them. The words they share as they thank their teachers, family, & friends and tell some of the stories behind the videos are often just as inspiring as the videos themselves. The kids from Val Verde are just one example of several stories that show this event is about more than just media projects.
    In the “Without Whom” department, big thanks go to Janet English from KOCE and Mike Lawrence from CUE for all the work they put in to make this event a big success. I can’t wait for next year.

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