Earth to Teens: Help!

“MySpace/Our Planet” is the first book by the MySpace Community, and though that numbers more than 200 million people over a wide age range, the text is geared toward tweens & teenagers.  The idea is to get this crucial group of consumers to reduce the impact of how they eat, shop, do laundry, use electronics, date, give parties, and travel on spring break. OurPlanet: Change Is Possible

The book debunks many eco-myths and sorts eco-activities into Green, Greener or Greenest (take the bus, ride a bike). Suggestions are divided into Micro (switch to a refillable water bottle) and Macro (switch to a local foods and organic diet).  Readers are urged to start environmental clubs, learn the history of environmental law, join protest marches, and VOTE.  And if no one represents you, “think about running for office yourself”.

“MySpace/ Our Planet” is full of MySpace member’s posts (with lots of misspellings 🙂 ) and seems a bit obsessed with “friending” eco-friendly celebrities, but all-in-all I am inspired by the book conceptually and contextually.   If it represents even a fraction of Gen Y & Z’s zeal for treating our Mother Earth with more compassion, then maybe there’s even hope for us Gen Xers!

MySpace/ Our Planet: Change is Possible
By the MySpace Community- © 2008 by HarperCollins Publishers

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