Never a Dull Moment at DEN in SL

Next time you visit the DEN in SL and see a DEN Guide, thank them for all that they do.  They volunteer their time to make sure that if educators stop by there is someone there to greet them, or answer their question, or provide direction and they are on hand to help out during our workshop session.  These guides are friendly and outgoing and the DEN in SL LC is VERY lucky to have them make DEN in SL an even better place to go to in Second Life.  Now mind you, there are times when things are a little slow, but you can count on the DEN Guides to make the best of it….and I thought I’d share some of the antics these DEN Guides can get themselves into…..

I think it all began when Unklar created a box that distributes notecards.  I happened on it one evening, Unklar happened to be hanging (uh….yup, I believe he was ‘sleeping’ — AGAIN!LOL) around, and some unsuspecting soul was checking out EduIsland II.  I thought it would be fun to ‘sit’ on the box.  That is until I realized I could be IN the box….well, you can only imagine what happened next!LOL  I called Unklar over to join me, and then I relentlessly IMed the unsuspecting avatar to do the same (and good sport that he was he joined us).  Below is a snapshot I took.

May 20_004

Guess Unklar decided to break some sort of SL record for cramming a box with avatars and here are some shots of Unklar’s attempt to break the record.



I count six avatars in the box….So, next time you’re at the DEN in SL, if you happen to see Unklar’s box, grab some avatars and see how many of you can fit in the box, take a snapshot, and send me a copy….Let’s see if you can break the record!

Oh, and if you think you’d like to be a DEN Guide (and let’s face it, after seeing the fun that they have, why wouldn’t you?), please either IM Beth Kohnke in-world or e-mail Beth at

And if you’re trying to break the record, do me a favor…send me an IM so I can join you!


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  1. Elaine Plybon said:

    Do I detect an idea for a future possible social event? Is there a Guiness Book of Second Life(tm) records??? — Cel

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