You wanted more videos…you got more videos!!!


Have you heard????? 

This week Discovery Education announced the beginning of an initiative to expand their extensive media library of its premier product:  Discovery Education streaming. By the end of 2008, Discovery Education will grow Discovery Education streaming’s digital library, already the largest digital media library available to educators anywhere, to more than 5,000 videos, an increase of 25%.

“At the completion of this project, educators using Discovery Education streaming will have access to more than 50,000 video clips covering all K-12 subject areas,” said Dale Fulton, Chief Curriculum Advisor for Discovery Education. “With content correlated to standards and testing frameworks at the clip level, it makes it quicker than ever before to locate relevant, engaging media that precisely meets learning objectives.”

Among the videos to be added to Discovery Education streaming are When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions, Stuff Happens with Bill Nye, Operation Junkyard, Tutenstein and Extreme Engineering

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Thanks, Discovery Education, for giving us more of what we want!!!


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