Jeff Corwin, the Deadliest Catch and… Dave Solon!

Dave Solon, STAR Discovery Educator hailing from Pennsylvania, is truly living it up ‘Discovery style!‘  The most recent episode of his show Twenty Minutes For Tech features an interview with me about the DEN, a promo from the captains on Deadliest Catch and a truly amazing interview with Jeff Corwin.  I’ve seen Corwin a couple of times now, and I was blown away by how open and candid he was with David.

Truly an interview worth hearing, and a fantastic testament to the opportunities you all have available to you as DEN members!  Thanks for sharing, David!


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  1. Dave Solon said:

    The thanks should really go to the DEN, not to me. Without you, we members couldn’t do this cool stuff. The DEN is AWESOME! 🙂

    I’m honored to be a member. Can’t wait to see everyone in San Antonio for the DEN pre-conference at NECC!

  2. fabricia said:

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