Social Butterfly or Social Pteranodon?

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “social butterfly” before. Meaning someone who flits around from place to place, being friendly and making friends, it is a term that takes on new meaning in the cyberworld. Yesterday, I was making a social feed widget at one of my favorite sites Widgetbox (try it out and be sure to check out the Blidgets!), and I realized how crazy it is that there are so many social networking sites out there. I felt compelled to join the ones I didn’t already belong to (and found out that some of the ones I didn’t think I belonged to, I did). I joined them all just so I could make the complete widget. I began to wonder . . . is there such a thing as too much networking?

This morning on my drive to work, I heard a news report that said that people who social network are the biggest timewasters at work. Hmmmm.

I came home from work and saw my kids networking in their various ways and sat down at my own computer to check my LinkedIN to see if there were any new connections there, which reminded me to look and see who had posted new stuff on Facebook, which brought me to . . .  you get it, right?

So I began to wonder. Am I a social butterfly? Butterflies have wingspans that measure in inches. The largest one, Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing, has a wingspan of 11 inches. Hook your thumbs together and flap your hands to look like a butterfly and you’ll get a pretty good estimate of how big it is. Because I’m involved with nearly every social networking site out there (as far as I know), somehow I think I might have a larger wingspan than that. Enter the Pteranodon. These were prehistoric flying animals with wingspans of 30 feet. Their wings would have cast a really large shadow wherever they went, encompassing everything it encountered. I think maybe I’m a social pteranodon. Unfortunately, pteranodons also became extinct. Hmmmm. Do I need to learn something here?

Here are my questions to you — are you a Social Butterfly or a Social Pteranodon? Do you think there can be too much of a good thing? How do you maintain balance in your social networking life? Post your comments here . . . in this social networking venue . . . as I go Twitter  about this post.


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  1. Bill Lewis said:

    There can always be too much of a good thing. These “good things” make us feel great, but if we get too caught up in how we feel we often get cloudy minds and lose our focus. It is not possible (or maybe even not healthy) to participate in all of them. You have to find the one(s) that best help you keep your thoughts moving in the right direction.
    Twitter is good but kind of shallow (just my opinion, no flames please) where as Facebook offers a more organized way to stay in touch with friends but little professionally.
    There are so many ed tech related blogs,wikis, chats, etc. that help you learn and grow professionally. I think the key is to try to be an active participant and dialog. That is when meaningful learning takes place.

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