DEN Jumping

This MUST be a record for me.  Every time I check my e-mail there’s something else there that warrants a post! LOL

But this one is truly to good to miss!  We’ve discovered a new, fun use for the new DEN in SL HQ!  Fly to the top of the tower and get a gift that will help you enjoy the new sport, DEN jumping!

Don’t know about you, but I’m putting off reading the rest of my e-mails for now and heading on over to DEN in SL to try my hand at DEN Jumping.  This is a warning guys!  Stay away from the perimeter of the building.  I’m sure I’l ‘SPLAT’ a few times before getting the hang of it! LOL


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  1. Elaine Plybon said:

    This is so much fun! Try using animations as you go down – you can control where you go a little with your arrow keys as well.
    – Cel

  2. Sharon Eilts said:

    Went to the top, didn’t find anything. Not so enthralled with the new DEN. There is no place comfy, inside, with couches to sit and gab. The benches outside the elevator building just don’t measure up.

  3. Nancy Sharoff said:

    Hi Sharon,
    Did you use the teleporter? Because that will take you to the exact place on the top (outside). I never felt that the inside of the building was really meant for gatherings (although I know we had some seating in the old HQs). Have you tried going around to the greenhouse and the pillows around the fountain? And keep in mind that the DEN in SL is always in ‘Beta’ and as such will continue to evolve.

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