Gentle Reminder – June 11th

The one, the ONLY Demb Oh will be the presenter at this week’s Wednesday Workshop. 

The Topic:  iStream, uStream, Live Streaming In SecondLife

The Place:  DEN in SL of course!

The Time:  5 p.m. SLT (8 p.m. EST)

One of the biggest trends in Web 2.0 is live video streaming.  From uStream to Operator 11 to Seesmic to Qik, it is becoming easier and easier to broadcast yourself live to the masses.  So what about Second Life?  How can Live Video streaming be incorporated into SL and what can it be used for?  First learn practical ways to bring live video in-world and then let’s see just how far along the cutting edge we can surf!  Come find out from Demb Oh!

Hope to see everyone there!


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