New Designer Clothing Available for FREE

The Lindens are always putting new things in the library section of your inventory. This time it’s some great freebies from designers Here is a picture of where to look after opening your inventory. You can click the here to see the large size. Have fun trying on a new look!

New Library Clothes from Designers


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  1. Clis Mizser said:

    Nice news but… where do I find this “great freebies from designers”? I loooove freebies clothing…

  2. Nancy Sharoff said:

    Good Morning Clis,

    It’s quite easy actually. In your Inventory window (located at the bottom right of your screen), scroll down to the folder called ‘Library’. Open it. Scroll down to the folder called ‘Clothing’. Open it. You’ll see all the things that Linden Lab has included for FREE.

    Hope this helps!

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