And the Winner Is…

…you! As the summer “break” is a time to rest, recharge, and gather ideas for the upcoming school year, I thought I would take the next two months to reflect on the contests I have mentioned by looking at the winners and exemplary entries from each. Since imitation is the highest form of flattery and also a great way to learn about making student videos, I encourage you to join me this Tuesday at 7pm Eastern for a Discovery Connect webinar. In the coming weeks I will be attempting some in depth analysis of winning videos, but on Tuesday we’ll take a preview tour of just some of the sites. You can register here.

Here are the contest websites I’ve mentioned during the past school year. You can check my Contests/Festivals archive under “Categoties” for more details on each.


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  1. Leslie Rule said:

    Hi Joe,

    Thought you might want to look at KQED, Public Broadcasting’s digital storytelling contest. It’s 6 years old (as is our training program for teachers and community providers), making it probably the oldest. We had our strongest showing this year.

    And we broadcast them as part of our community-created content.

    Love your blog.

    Best to you,

    Leslie Rule

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