Four AEP Awards? We’re gonna need a bigger shelf!

Is there an award for winning the most awards?  If so, Discovery Education would HAVE to be in the running.  Last week we added to our total by snagging no less than four Association of Educational Publishers Awards!

The Planet Earth Education Edition, Discovery Education Health and the Allstate ‘Drive It Right’ program all won Distinguished Achievement Awards,  while Discovery Education’s Corporate Brochure received a Beacon Award.

From the Press release:

The Planet Earth Education Edition combines the highly acclaimed Planet Earth series from Discovery Channel with a variety of educational resources.  The DVD set includes 14 programs chaptered into core-concept clips, including Pole to Pole, Fresh Water, The Future: Saving Species, Deserts and more.  In addition, the set includes more than 30 teacher’s guides spanning grades 3-12.  Each guide provides educators with learning objectives, discussion questions, academic standards, and more than 30 writing prompts to spur student creativity.  The package also contains 11 animal guides and posters in PDF format, sized for printing-on-demand.  Planet Earth also is available online through Discovery Education streaming Plus.

‘Drive It Right’ is a powerful video that delivers the important message of teen safe driving – from teens who have firsthand experience with car crashes.  The DVD was used in a co-branded Discovery Education and Allstate campaign to promote safe driving practices.

Discovery Education Health is an online health and prevention resource for K-12 educators.  Offering 16 curriculum programs that cover nine key topic areas as well as a collection of videos, lessons, teacher’s guides and worksheets, Discovery Education Health is currently used in classrooms nationwide.

The 2008 Discovery Education Corporate Brochure is a marketing piece that provides a clear overview of all services that the company offers to educators and administrators and highlights the key benefits these solutions provide to potential customers.

Congrats all around!

Now how do we get nominated for a Grammy?


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