Days of Discovery

Can I get a Whoop Whoop for VA and the VA DEN?!?

The VA DEN LC helped organize and deliver a fantastic VA Day of Discovery onva-dod.JPG Saturday, June 7, 2008! I am still so excited that we had over 50 educators in person and another 30 on-line come together and share their time, creativity, and enthusiasm with each other…on a Saturday…during the last week of school…when temps outside reached 100+! If that does not spell commitment I don’t know what does!

Together we explored new ways to integrate DE streaming assets like images, videos, sounds, etc into applications like Photostory, Greenscreens, Photostitching software and more.

We’re still working on getting a page up on the VA DEN Blog to display all of the handouts, however, you can access many of the handouts by going to the Bird House page.

Our very own Hall Davidson provided the afternoon keynote – thank you Hall!

Many thanks to Katie Knapp for all of her hard work, presentation, and organization, Doug Knapp for lending us his school, and Aron Sterling, Deb Ashby, Kevin Johnson for presenting.

But the good times, they keep a-coming. We’re moving up Interstate 95 to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for a Day of Discovery on June 24, 2008.

During that day we’re going to have two special keynotes. The morning keynote (9am-10am), Lost in Translation: A New Meaning of ESL will be delivered by our very own Lance Rougeux and the afternoon session (12pm-1pm), The New Permanent Record, will be delivered by our very own Steve Dembo.   As a bonus we’re going to to offer both of these sessions virtually through WebEx!

To register:

1. Go to

2. Register for the meeting.

3. Check for confirmation email with instructions on how to join

Hope to see you there!


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