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    • This is so cool! – post by googler
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    • After more than decade of investment in school technology, educators say they still don’t feel adequately prepared to integrate instructional software into their classrooms and aren’t getting the technical support they need to fully impact student achievement, according to a joint study by the nation’s two largest teacher unions. 
    • The report shows that most educators use technology for administrative tasks, but substantially fewer use it for instruction. Although most educators believe that technology is essential to teaching and learning, they are less likely to use technology when the technology is outdated and has not been maintained.  Educators also say they would like better support and technical assistance for using both software and hardware, especially in urban schools. 
    • Although three out of five educators said their districts require them to take part in technology training, respondents indicated their training has been more effective for non-instructional tasks, such as how to use the internet for research and how to use administrative software. Only 46 percent of educators believe they were adequately trained to integrate technology into their instruction.
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