Mogulus: Your own custom TV studio

I am constantly amazed by how sophisticated some Web2.0 applications can be. Take for example, Mogulus. While there are several sites that allow you to broadcast live video streams, this really takes things a step further. And then another step further. And then yet another step further!

At its most basic level, Mogulus allows you to hook up a webcam and stream video to the internet. Click broadcast and you’re live! Easy enough right? However, what if you want to do something fancier… Well, with just a couple of clicks you can add text to the bottom of the page. So if you want to add a caption (who is on camera, what their blog URL is), you can just overlay that right on. You can also set up multiple messages, and change them on the fly.

That’s not the only thing you can overlay onto the screen though. You can insert in over the shoulder graphics (images only, no live video feeds over the shoulder), display full screen titles and text, but the one I really love is the Ticker. Just like CNN, you can put in a ticker along the bottom of the screen that is populated by text you designate OR you can even designate RSS feeds for it to display! Yes, that’s right, it will display your recent blog post titles. Best of all, they’re even clickable! Try that with MSNBC.

Need to integrate in some previously recorded video? Couldn’t be easier. Just import your clips in from YouTube, upload them yourself directly to Mogulus or just provide a URL to the video and it’ll snag it. Organize them into storyboards for easy access and then you can immediately cue up any clip and insert it into your live broadcast. Simple and intuitive.

Of course, nobody is online 24/7. So what happens to your channel when you aren’t there? Most channels just sit there. With Mogulus, you can queue up previously recorded broadcasts and imported clips and put them on a continuous loop! Then, when you go live it will just cut out the recording and put you on camera. You can even set up specific videos to be available on demand.

It really is an absolutely amazing service.  And even more amazing that it’s free.  They do insert in some short, unobtrusive ads, but in the options pages, you have the ability to opt out of them.  No hoops to jump through, you just need to say “No Thanks”.  Incredibly cool.

While I don’t know the details for certain, I’m thinking that this may wind up getting some extensive use at NECC this year.  What do you think, do we need a DEN TV channel?


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  1. Bob Bartley said:


    That does sound very cool. Many uses for the classroom. I am going to set up a reflection feed for my prep kids where they can broadcast what has been happening in their classroom.\

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Teryl Magee said:

    MIke–great find as usual. I will definitely have to give this one a go and a DEN channel, why of course! Hmmm…so if I record myself teaching during the day I can continuous loop it in case kids forget how to do something they are working on for homework (that is if I’m reading the post right). Definitely going to have to try this out.

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