Scott Kinney Visits Shelby County's Tech Fest '08

Discovery Education’s Scott Kinney was the keynote speaker at Shelby County’s Tech Fest ’08. What an excellant speaker! If you ever get the chance to hear him, do it. He kept things lively by including the audience with the help of personal response devices. As he was showing some video clips from Discovery’s collection, he would pause, ask a quick question, and give the audience a few seconds to respond. It was so funny to see adults scrambling to try and make sure they were giving a correct answer. The audience loved it. You could hear laughter mixed with groans as the correct answer was revealed.

Scott was so lively and entertaining. Mix that with the wonderful videos available from United Streaming and you know what a good time the Shelby County’s teachers were having. (Remember Alabama teachers, APT Plus provides you with United Streaming. Just go to APT Plus and login to begin using all of their vast library and tools. They have videos, clips, images, songs, articles, sound effects, speeches, quizzes, writing prompts, lesson plans, clip art, and more. Check them out. You will be amazed!)

I wish I was the quality writer that could portray in writing just how really good Scott was. Can you tell I am just one of the many fans Scott now has here in Alabama?

Scott come back anytime. We would love it.


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