It's a Wrap – iStream, uStream….OMG!!!

NO I’m not biased.  And yes, I’m VERY, VERY difficult to please (ask my husband!LOL).  I have to tell you that Demb Oh’s workshop this past Wednesday BLEW ME AWAY!!!  Granted, about 10 minutes into the session I was lost (more about the technical aspects of what he was doing than anything else), but it may have had to do that my brain could not wrap itself around what he was doing.  I mean, it could wrap itself around it, it just couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of what he was doing in Second Life!  I won’t even make an attempt since Demb Oh did such a fabulous write-up himself over at his blog.  You absolutely MUST, this VERY SECOND, click on that link and see what I’m talking about.

Think about this.  We’re all sitting in the outdoor theater outside of the DEN in SL HQs and Demb Oh begins his workshop with the usual screen and screen shots.  And then he rezzes this flat panel, works his magic (as only Demb Oh can!) and the next thing we know we’re watching him in his home office, and if that’s not amazing enough, he switches to his cellphone and takes us down through his house and into his backyard!!!!  That’s right!  Into his back yard!  With an unfortunate side trip to look in on Aidan whom he woke up, much to the chagrin (uh, that would be an understatement) of his wife.

I am still reeling from the experience.  If you’ve got your own thoughts of what happened and how you might use it within Second Life, please do me a favor and post it to the comment section.

All I can say is ….  W-O-W!!! 


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  1. scottlo.scorbal said:

    I wound up at the presentation on a lark. Some person I follow on the twitter responded to someone involved with the event mentioned something about live-streaming video. I took the bait.

    As mentioned in the post, it was an amazingly powerful presentation.

    My immediate plans are to try to recreate Demb Oh’s experiment to make sure that the magic wasn’t done with mirrors.

    Beyond that, I’d like to demonstrate it for others. I think this is something many will want to know about. I think I can predict what their response will be: dropped jaw.

    Something that would be nice to have available would be a link to a tutorial on Demb Oh’s process (it probably already exists or is in the works).

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