Animoto in Practice featuring DEN STARS Peggy Barger and Jim Hopton

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A while ago, Jennifer Dorman wrote about Animoto in Education, encouraging us to sign up for the full-length video trial of their newly-launched Animoto Education Program. Like Jen (actually because of Jen), I had been experimenting with the short version (30 seconds) in my classroom, so I was delighted to learn I could get a free trial for use in the classroom. So, like every good tool Jen sends our way, I jumped in. When I was getting ready to post some samples of students’ work (all that Animoto asks for the 90-day free trial), I noticed that our PA (super)STARS, Peggy and Jim, had already “been there and done it,” and very well indeed. I thought I would share their Discovery Education streaming science podcast which they blogged about on their JPeg STAR Discovery Educator Network Blog.


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  1. Helen said:

    Excellent capture of nature’s fury. I liked the music as well. It added a calming element to the deluge.

  2. Laura said:

    I think that the animoto is really fun to do and it is actually something that I can figure out how to do!! And if I can figure it out I know the kids can.

  3. Michael said:

    Using Animoto makes class unbelievably interesting!! Jim and Peggy are doing an outstanding job at teaching us to incorporate technology like this into the classroom.

  4. reuven sutin said:

    I think animoto is awesome myself, and I also plan on using it as an educational tool within the classroom. Whether to show slides as a power point presentation, or to have the children experiment with.

  5. NikkiFerraccio said:

    I think Animoto is a great way to teach students and show your thoughts to the world! I love using Animoto and will use it in my future classroom. What a great way to let students express themselves in the classroom and learn about something new! Way to go JPEG!

  6. Lindsay said:

    I really enjoy using Animoto. It could be a great tool to use in the classroom with children. Having the option to make a full length video is a fantastic added bonus!


  7. Mandy said:

    I feel that ANIMOTO is a great way to introduce students to new material, present a quick overview, or present a finished product at the end of a unit or lesson. As I am currently a student in JPEG’s class at Chatham, I am pleased to learn of the many ways that technology can be intertwined and used in the classroom.

  8. Stacey F said:

    I am currently taking a course with “JPeg”. and we have been able to learn about Animoto and some other wonderful technology to integrate in the classroom. Way to go!

  9. nancy said:

    I am in the chatham class, and I love learning about different ways to use digital resources to teach

  10. K Smith said:

    I am in the technology integration course that Peggy and Jim are teaching at Chatham University. They have been gracious enough to pass on their knowledge about the use of animoto in the classroom to us. I can’t wait to use this program in my classroom! The possibilities are endless!

  11. Stacie M said:

    Jpeg just introduced me to Animoto and I am delighted. I know that I will continue to use animoto in my future classroom to teach students in a language that they understand…technology 🙂

  12. Jen said:

    We’re in a class with “Jpeg” and soon many more students will be motivated and excited about using all sorts of cool interactive tools!

  13. Nikki T. said:

    I am currently in a class that Jim and Peggy are teaching at Chatham. The class is all about integrating computer use into the classroom. Animoto is one of the many useful tools that they have shown us so far. I think it is really great because it is so easy to use, and it is just the type of thing to really motivate kids with. I’m sure they’ll like it because kids today love seeing fast-moving graphics, and they will be happy to actually make such things themselves.

  14. Sarah said:

    I am currently a graduate student of Peggy Barger and Jim Hopton, where we are learning how to utalize new and exciting forms of technology within our classrooms. I have already utalized animoto in my lesson plans and recieved wonderful feedback from my students!

  15. Laura M. said:

    I think animoto is a great tool for the classroom and would be exciting for any student to use.

  16. Dan said:

    all of this fun technology just jeeps coming. cant wait to use them in my classroom.

  17. Sara H. said:

    JPeg just introduced me to Animoto. It is a very cool tool, although I still prefer iMovies and Photo Story.

  18. Amy S said:

    I’ve really enjoyed learning how to use Animoto, and see a ton of potential for use in the classroom. Not only will it catch students’ attention when you use one of these Animoto presentations, but students themselves can easily learn how to research their subject and created their own Animotos. FUN!

  19. Lauren S said:

    I am having so much fun using Animoto! I cant wait to use it in my classroom this fall. The students will love it!

  20. Shannon said:

    I think Animoto is a great resource for the classroom! I can think of many ways that making videos will be useful for engaging students in lessons.

  21. A Mangone said:

    I think animoto is a fun, interesting way to make learning vidoes fun and educational for students. I believe it will be a useful resource in the future and I intend on using it in my classroom.

  22. Jamie D said:

    I think Animoto is a great educational tool for the classroom. I think this provides an alternative and fun exercise for students to use in the classroom. I also think it is a great resource for the future and plan to continue using this source for other classes and activities.

  23. Rachael said:

    I think Animoto is a great tool. Not only can it be used to introduce lessons, but it will allow me to take some art projects to the next level…

  24. Diane U said:

    This site is an awsome site. Its easy to use. My six year old and three year old got a kick out of its ability to show pictures of them to music. I think Animoto would be very usefull in a classroom setting to introduce subject matter in a fashionable way.

  25. Julie Wagner said:

    I love this website! There are so many great lessons, pictures, videos etc across curriculums at all grade levels. Its a terrific learning tool for all educators!

  26. Dana Pugliano said:

    I love learning about all of this new exciting technology to use in my classroom! I think it is a great way to grab the student’s attention.

  27. Livia O said:

    I think Animoto is a fun tool and easy to use. However, I am not quite sure how to use it in a secondary mathematics classroom in way that would provide meaningful content.

  28. gbartley said:

    Animoto is an exciting and fun way to show students new informatin. Animoto has the ability to keep todays students engeged in learning.

  29. A. Vislosky said:

    The Periodic Table Animoto is excellent! My background is in Molecular Biology and Chemistry–subjects that most high school students (and definitely middle school students) would moan and groan about. Animoto is a good lure to making science look inviting to the new “ESL” group of digitally-speaking learners!

  30. Allie Barnhart said:

    I attended the Institute at Monmouth U in New Jersey just this past weekend. Jen has me hooked too! I was so excited to create my first video–and it was so easy. It was Jen who guided me in my first WIKI as well. I combined the two and now I created an Animoto widget to preview the 2008 year on my wiki. I am proud of the widget on my wiki–Feel free to take a peek:

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