The Moveable Feast: Week Summary

I posted Thursday evening, giving a very brief snapshot of the “Moveable Feast” taking place in Bloomington, IL. Here’s a little more information right from their website.

A Moveable feast is a one-week summer institute organized by the Office of Educational Technology at the University of Illinois. This project-based technology institute is tailored to meet the needs of training teachers and administrators in technology and emphasizes ways to integrate technology in conjunction with Illinois Engaged Learning standards.


There are 4 weeks scheduled this year and with the first week completed I can say this is an amazing PD for educators. If you’re in the Bloomington, IL area I encourage you to register for at least one of the two sessions still open.


Take a look at some the pictures here.





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  1. shirley kobbe said:

    What a treasure trove of possibilities—

    I’m glad I have the summer to go through all this information.

    Very provocative.

    Thanks, Mike.

  2. Deb Foster said:

    I attended the second week of the Feast and it was great! I applied for DEN Star and received notification that I indeed was a STAR on June 20th. I haven’t received my welcome kit yet and thought maybe you might have it in your pile!

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