280 Slides

I suppose this is only tangentially related to digital storytelling, but it certainly seems handy enough to pass along. Thanks to an English Apple Distinguished Educator in my PLN, I have just started to play with this new online slide creation program, 280 Slides. Since I’ve only toyed with SlideShare (which I believe does not have a creation option), I don’t have much to compare it to. But I do like the look, feel and versatile options. You can publish on the web, send to SlideShare, embed on a site, and download as a PowerPoint. Also, it looks like it’s pretty darn simple to add media from the likes of Flickr and YouTube. Their demo presentation brings the new Batman trailer right up. So, take the tour and take it for spin. I think I may try to make my “Makin’ Movies” (minus all the copyrighted goodies) presentation available with this.


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