NECC Approaches

Well I leave on June 27th for the NECC Conference in San Antonio.  My goal last year was to write a post and upload photos each day. Well that didn’t happen, I still have a draft post that says NECC 2007 – Day 4. I never got to post photos because I left my camera cords at home. Here it is a year later and I’m off to NECC again with high hopes of writing some interesting and profound posts. Well probably not profound but hopefully interesting 🙂  I realize I might need some help from folks. So my question to all of you  is: Are there any VA DEN members who are attending NECC and would be willing to help create some blog posts? If you are willing please leave a comment below with your name and email address and I will contact you with the details.



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  1. Kim Harrison said:

    I’m not going to NECC but I’ll be in-world (Second Life) giving NECC attendees with avatars tours of the Alamo in SL. I have to say, having gotten involved with ISTE and DEN in SL in a big way over the past five months I really feel left out of the loop by not attending NECC. I’m going next year!

  2. Valaina Maher said:

    I’d be glad to help out. I’m heading to NECC on the 27th. Coming from VA.


  3. Heather Hurley - VA Blog Coord. said:

    Fabulous! I will be in touch.

  4. TroyJMorris said:

    Hi Heather,

    I have a story that involves a teacher from Madison, VA that I think you may be interested in. She’s organized a site for all the teachers that won the chance to go to Google’s Teachers Academy this Wednesday in Mountain View. She’s also attending.

    Would you email me at and I can give you more information?



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