heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 06/20/2008

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    • With a single click you can download a copy of your presentation in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 format.
    • Put your presentation on SlideShare, e-mail it to a friend, or embed it directly on your own website, all with just a few clicks.
    • Add photos and movies to your presentation directly from popular web services like Flickr and YouTube.
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    • Coverville
      is a podcast, produced three times a week, that focuses on cover
    • The show features a combination of music and information
      about the music, delivered in a very relaxed, informal style. On average,
      each show runs about 35 minutes and features six selections. Information
      about the performing artist, and source album is provided, along with
      information about the artist being covered.
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    • Foxmarks is a free add-on for your Firefox browser that syncs your bookmarks across multiple computers and more.
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  • tags: edtech

    • Students
      begin with a curriculum problem and end with a lesson plan they can apply in their classroom
      and a conceptually linked rationale for that lesson.
    • Learning is centered around the design of inquiry
      lessons, integration of technology as a tool for inquiry, and meeting curriculum standards.
    • While learners can start at any time and are self-paced, they receive one-on-one mentoring.
      We have had over 600 learners from 8 countries in the last three years, approximately 70% of
      whom are in the schools and 23% in pre-service.
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