Gentle Reminder – June 25th (and note time change!)

We’re calling this workshop the ‘NECC Pre-game Show’ and when Lor wrote it up in the Events section I kinda chuckled as the image of Super Bowls flooded my mind.  But then it hit me.  For many of us in technology, NECC IS the Super Bowl! 

We will be joined by Cami Goyut (Camilla Gagliolo, RL, ISTE Board of Directors, Executive Committee At-large Member & Special Interest Group Representative) who will provide us with ideas to help plan our time at NECC and on how to use NECC as another tool in our PPLN.   Time is also built in for any questions you might have about your NECC visit. 

So it this is your first time and NECC or your 10th time, please join us on Wednesday at 4 p.m. SLT (6 p.m. CST, 7 p.m. EST).  NOTE:  THIS IS ONE HOUR EARLIER SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!


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