Back to Back Workshops Completed

This weekend the TN DEN LC, along with our Discovery Rep Brad Fountain, presented a Day of Discovery at Woodland Middle School in Brentwood, TN.  Despite our late efforts at getting the word out about this series of workshops, we had nearly 70 in attendance on a beautiful summer’s day!  Many thanks to Mrs. Fizer and her fantastic support staff for their efforts in making this a remarkable day!  Woodland Middle School is an awesome learning environment for both students and teachers.  Thanks also to TAMS President-Elect, Jubal Yennie, for helping us find Woodland MS and working with us to integrate the Day of Discovery with the TAMS Summer Conference.

We were able to obtain a booth at TAMS to talk to people about the DEN and STAR membership.  Teryl and I talked to several interested teachers throughout the morning.  More staff development may be headed our way! Woohoo! Go DEN!

The TAMS workshop was not without its problems.  We were scheduled to do a session on the 3 Builders in DE Streaming.  However, the day before our presentation Discovery rolled out a brand new-and-improved builders’ site.  Unfortunately, not all the links were working and the “My Content” folder had not been integrated into the changes.  When you add to that the fact that the Franklin Marriott wanted $150 to put an Internet drop in the room and my  Verizon USB modem connection kept disconnecting, the workshop was slightly less than stellar.  The atttendees were very understanding and still seemed to get some things out of it that helped them.

Look for some training on the blog about the changes to the builders as the links improve.  If you are responsible for training teachers at your school about all things Discovery, then you will want to plan some time to talk them through these changes.  If you need someone to train in your district or at your school, leave us a comment at this blog and we’ll talk to you about what we can do to help.

As always, even with the minor glitches, Discovery Rocks! Thanks to everyone who helped make both days a success.


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