On Location

I know, I know. I said I was going to run through the last school year’s contests and festivals, but we still have two open.

homechal3.jpgAFI’s ScreenNation Hometown Challenge has just a week left to get your middle or senior high school students’ 3-5 minute story in. Surely, there is something worth saying about your town. Old or new? Interesting name or one of many (just how many Lincolns and Columbus’s are there?) Beautiful locale or at the “crossroads?” Hit the books, talk to the mayor, get at least three interviews, you’re in!

ausset.jpgAnd the Set to Screen contest comes in waves. This wave, however, doesn’t have a creative challenge. Since most of our school videos are “on location,” there’s a lot to take away here for even the simplest education learning story. Whether it’s mountains or the cinderblock wall in the cafeteria, an eye to background and controlling what the camera sees can make a big difference in your stories.

On location in San Antonio next week. Great memories of the last NECC there: first stay in a B&B, the River Walk, Hall Davidson’s keynote. Among many other things, I’m also looking forward to a digital storytellers’ birds of a feather gathering on Monday afternoon.


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