Discovery Education and Wilkes University

Discovery Education and Wilke’s University are launching a new online master’s degree program in instructional media!  This has been in the works for a quite a while now, so I’m thrilled that we can finally announce it.

The 30-credit instructional media program will prepare teachers to engage today’s students in learning through digital media.  It will educate teachers to become specialists who can effectively blend academic rigor with the latest technology, from video to Web 2.0 to virtual field trips.

Courses will focus on topics such as digital storytelling, using digital media in the classroom, using technology to support creativity, and applying brain-based theories of how students process information to technology integration.  Kathy Schrock, a nationally known leader in technology integration in the classroom, will design “Internet Tools for Teaching” scheduled to begin in spring 2009.

I can’t speak for current teacher prep programs, but I can say that the technology preparation I received while getting my education degree was nowhere near adequate to leverage the incredible tools that are available today.   This program will help teachers maximize technology to improve their ability to educator their students.

“The program is designed to help all teachers effectively integrate media-based technologies in helping their students reach new heights of academic success,” Speziale said. “This is one of those special programs that can have an immediate transformative effect in a teacher’s classroom.”

In most states now, teachers are required to earn continuing education credits to maintain their certification.   There’s no better way to stay certified, move up in the pay scale, and learn how to be a more effective teacher using technology, than by earning a master’s degree.   And if you’re going to earn one,  you can guarantee that Discovery Education is going to stretch your thinking.  And we couldn’t have picked a better partner than Wilkes University, one of the leaders in graduate teacher education.

Wilkes University is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2008 semester. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the university’s website at, where they can find additional program information and sign up to receive application alerts via email. All Wilkes University Graduate Education Programs are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

See you in class!


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  1. TERRY HILL said:

    Sounds intriguing, and so above par!
    I am looking forward to hearing more.
    Keep me posted,

  2. Janell Larson said:

    I am currently taking my third class through this program and can say they have all been great learning experiences. The format of online instruction has allowed me to take classes from Alaska that I would never be able to take. Great program and I recommend it to all educators.

  3. Pam Ellsesser said:

    I am currently taking my 3rd and 4th classes right now (I know I am crazy…2 classes at one time). I would like to agree with Janell that this program is great. I have been providing technology training for teachers for over 10 years, and this course is devoted to technology tools that teachers can use ‘right now’. Hats off to Wilkes and Discovery Education for making it happen!

  4. Matt Hensler said:

    Like Janell, I’m in my third class for this program, and so far I’m impressed – and this is coming from a Technology Education teacher. I love the flexibility of the online format coupled with the fact that the projects really introduce you to a wide variety of skills and tools to use within the classroom. I’m already using several of the things in the classroom we’ve covered, and I’m sure I will find many more ideas throughout the courses. I would recommend this program to any teacher looking for new ways to incorporate technology into their classrooms.

  5. Meg Guerreiro said:

    I am currently taking my 4th Wilkes Instructional Media course. This program has been so useful in collaborating with other teachers to discuss different types of technology to implement in the classroom to help guide instruction. I love being part of the program and look forward to the rest of the classes.

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