NECC Storytelling

Finally getting around to thinking about packing for NECC San Antonio. Looks like plenty of digital storytelling sessions for us to be inspired at (including the American Film Institute, of course). Wes Fryer over on “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” has put together a Ning and a Wiki for people interested in projects and tools. There’s also a birds of a feather gathering to get an ISTE Storytelling Corps special interest group started. As Bernajean Porter puts it in her announcement email:

This summer’s Birds-of-a-Feather session at NECC (Monday 4:45 PM Rm 103B) will be organizing the future ISTE SIG group for digital storytelling. This group will be actively launching an ISTE Storytelling Corps as their first community service project for engaging and leading others in becoming StoryKeepers™ for NECC’s 2009 Exhibition of how technology has made a difference for our world-wide kids over the last thirty years. Join us in shaping the logistics and timelines; developing the story prompts to craft storytelling rather than digital stories; identifying resources including vendor support; gathering examples of 2-4 minute videos, enhanced podcasts and other digital storytelling modes to be posted at And there is a wiki where you can share your thoughts –

Hasta el Alamo!


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