heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 06/27/2008

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    • 11. Weather
    • 12. Movies
    • 13. Area codes
    • 14. Package tracking
    • 15. Flight status
    • 16. Measurement conversions
    • 17. Currency conversions
    • 18. Calculator
    • 19. Definitions
    • 20. Q&A
  • tags: edtech

    • Perfect-attendance incentives questioned
    • For her strong school attendance record, Ashley Martinez won a sparkling new Dodge Caliber—a sporty hatchback that starts at about $15,000.

      Unfortunately, she needs to wait four years to drive her prize. She’s only 12.

    • The school system has offered several rewards for attendance in recent years, including vacations to Wisconsin resorts, laptops, iPods and even paying a family’s rent or mortgage for a month.
    • But some experts do not approve of programs that reward children for doing the minimum, like showing up.
    • “My first reaction is what? A car?” said Nancy Samalin, a nationally recognized parenting expert and author of “Loving Without Spoiling.” “The main reason we send kids to school is to love learning.”
  • tags: edtech

    • How can you track all Thinkfinity resources?
    • Using Diigo.comread a description of this here—you are able to easily create lists of bookmarked resources and activities you want your students to use, or that you want to share with other educators.
    • Bookmark, highlight key portions of the Thinkfinity resource pages, add comments to them sites and then share them via the Web. Instead of having to click your way—or having your students click—through multiple web pages, you can save instructional time by going directly using the Slides feature of Diigo.
    • How can you use the List and Slide features of Diigo to present Thinkfinity resources to others?
    • “List” is a great way to organize, share and display specific collections of bookmarks. Once you add bookmarks to your list, you can easily drag and drop items to arrange the order in any sequence that you’d like to present.

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