Networking at NECC

I can’t believe how fast NECC has come upon us! It seems like only yesterday we were in Atlanta – learning from each other and exploring new ideas. So tomorrow, before the sun rises, I will find myself at the airport on my to San Antonio, Texas.

I’ve set my brain on Sponge so that I can soak up all of the great information, ideas, and creativity that will be shared by the educators that attend.  And speaking of attending – we’ve got close to 100 educators from the Mid-Atlantic region that are going to be there and, not only be there, but presenting information as well!

Of course we are going to brag about all of the Discovery Educators who are presenting throughout NECC! In fact we’ve created a schedule of their presentations and will hand it out in our booth. Be sure to stop by booth number 8155 to see the Discovery Educator schedule, learn some neat tips and tricks, and see all of the new stuff!

In addition to the Discovery Educator presentations that will be in the concurrent session rooms, the DEN team will be presenting in the booth as well. Click here to see the booth schedule: DEN Team NECC Presentation Schedule

Finally, while I’ve got my Sponge setting on, what nuggets of tech-gold do you hope to mine/learn or share at NECC? And, if you will be presenting and want to provide a little blurb about your session, please a comment below so that we can all see it here too!


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  1. Dave Solon said:

    I think the single-most important thing that I want to expand my knowledge on has to do with instructional technology collaboration amongst teachers, as well as uses in the classroom for students.

    I want concrete ideas that I can use to get my group of Tech Integrators working together — and with the outside world.

  2. Sally Bair said:


    I’m looking forward to spending a little bit of time with you so I help more of our staff get involved with the DEN with our August trainings. My focus is going to be on Web 2.0, creativity and an ear to the rail on the next hot hardware devices and any other NECC splash.

  3. Jennifer Dorman said:

    Matt, I can’t wait to get a chance to network with the DEN team and other STARs. I am most interested in ways to use MUVEs and other virtual environments to support both classroom and professional learning. I’ve already blocked out the DEN SL presentation!!

    I posted some info on the PA blog for those who want to follow the conference virtually.

    See you in TX!

  4. Fred Delventhal said:

    I have two items of importance to me. First is to meet face to face all of these people that I have yet to only know virtually. The second is to learn a bit more about the upkeep of social networks. What helps keep them going? What helps them to grow?

    Look forward to seeing you and all of the DEN members a whole bunch of times over the next week. – Rip

  5. Robin Martin said:


    I have booked myself into learnng about how to incorporate multimedia (like DE videos) into GE place marks. I need to learn a few new things about Moodle, have some questions. I see there are a couple of sessions of cell phone that I have on my planner. I plan to attend the Internet Safety Town meeting. ANd finally, yes, I want to get together with some of the DEN people I have been communicating with online.Love the exhibitor demos too.

  6. Amy Crowley-Gonsoulin said:

    Here is the information on our session! We look forward to seeing you all at NECC!

    FREEdom of Speech: Vocabulary 2.0

    Kurt Kohls, Fairfax County Public Schools with Amy Crowley-Gonsoulin and Aron Sterling

    Monday, 6/30/2008,

    11:00am–12:00pm; HGCC 102 A

    Let student voices be heard! Can free software make research-based instruction fun? Learn how Audacity and other multimedia software makes it happen!

  7. Heather Hurley said:

    Hi Matt,

    I am excited to see all of the DEN folks again. I am looking for some new ideas that I can take back and wow my teachers with. I am also looking forward to networking with new folks. See you on the Riverwalk. I’m heading there now.

  8. Bev said:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m looking forward to celebrating DEN’s 3rd birthday and getting a chance to catch up with other DEN members. Gotta finish packing!

  9. Selena Ward said:

    Looking forward to gaining strategies to incorporate more tools in the classroom. I am excited to be surrounded by so many innovators in education. Of course the DEN reception will be a highlight!

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