Up To Our NECC in Travel Plans

Today, we leave for NECC in San Antonio, TX.  Yes, that’s 16 hours from here.  Some of the TN LC will pile into a car and drive as far as our little eyes and brains can stay alert, then spend the night and hit it again tomorrow.  We will update this post often over the next several days, so check back at least daily.

Our itinerary includes a pre-conference event with the DEN.  We will be at a working ranch for the day.  No laptops we are told, but plenty of photo ops.  Should be some interesting ones to add to the blog!

We also hope to meet face to face with dozens of people with whom we chat, blog, Skype, and Tweet.  Of course, the multi-football field size exhibit hall alone is really worth the drive.  Lots and lots of networking to be done at NECC!

Then there are the breakfasts, dinners, and other parties hosted by companies with whom we work at our schools.  I will also be participating in a forum with Scholastic while at the conference.

Oh, and there are a few workshops going on, too.  Check back soon!


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