Notes from EduBloggerCon 2008 @NECC

If you have been following Twitter today, you might have noticed that the wireless has been pretty spotty at NECC today.   It has been frustrating.

I posted my notes from all the sessions I attended on my cliotech blog.  Here is a listing on those postings. 

You can also track the Twitter conversation about NECC and EduBloggerCon with Summize.

Look for a post later tomorrow afternoon about the DEN pre-conference at the Enchanted Springs Ranch.


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  1. Phy Chauveau said:

    Dear Jen,

    Because of work commitments, this is only my second time missing NECC in many years. Having the opportunity to check your blog has been invaluable. I am especially interested to learn more about what others are saying with regard to the “admin as leaders” issue. I am also very interested in anything related to digital storytelling, and making this process as seamless as possible for students.

    MakeBeliefsComics is terrific. Thanks for the tip on this ad-free site. You can bet that I’ll be reading on in the days to come to learn all I can. Thanks for everything you’re doing to make this blog so useful every day, and especially this week in San Antonio! Have fun at Enchanted Springs!


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