Amazing Tool for Educators!!

Look above. No! Really! It is an amazing tool. We often get caught up in the latest and greatest: hey did you checkout Reproba? Reproba can grade essay questions for you. ūüėČ We tend to forget why we’re using some of these tools or we get lost in a sea of apps and web2.0 sites. I’m not saying cool apps and web2.0 sites can’t be useful. I’m just asking you to take a deep breath, turn off your computer, grab a trusted pen and put it to paper. Your experience, whether right out of college or a 20+ year veteran, is what will help make a connection with your students.

Great lessons start here – In your head. Write down your lesson ideas. Get a clear and concise view of what you want to convey in a lesson before you go to the computer. Once you have a clear vision, then you’ll be able to pick the best tool/app/media to help convey your message to your class. So, grab a pen and pad. Head outside, find that comfy spot on your sofa or jet over to Starbucks for some brain juice and let the ideas flow.


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  1. Lori Marsh said:

    As both, a teacher right out of college with 20+ years of experience in the the work force, I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes, you can become so overwhelmed with all the apps available, returning to an old fashion app can spark fresh ideas. The hardest part of using Web 2.0 tools is sorting out which ones are more relevant for the class your are teaching.

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