DEN Raffle NECC 2008

Congratulations to those of you who have participated in our DEN at NECC 2008 Raffle. We’ve given away almost L$500 in just two days and you still have another day of chances. Keep in mind that the more people that are there, the more money that can be won. The prize goes for each avatar present over 3.

So what can you do while waiting:

  • Share the power of Discovery. Make it an event by talking about using technology with your teachers or kids and you can record this as an event for STAR status.
  • Practice with your GESTURES. You probably have never taken to the time to fully see what they do. Now while you’re waiting play around and be ready to have some fun.
  • Share shopping secrets. If there is something you have been looking for – ASK. People have loads of landmarks and no two people have the same so share those shopping landmarks and once you win take off and go shopping.
  • How would you spend the time? Leave a suggestion in the comments.

Congratulations to the following people who have won so far:

  1. Theo Seidel
  2. Mmt3ch Devin
  3. Coletti Muircastle
  4. Renzo Amat
  5. Wiley Onomatopoeia
  6. Tomann Dagostino
  7. Donna Tuttle
  8. Avigail Lindman
  9. Kita Coage
  10. Shai Shepherd
  11. Usul Mulligan
  12. Ellie Noyes
  13. Renzo Amat
  14. sallymin Latte
  15. Frizzy Lisle
  16. Thonalon Umarov
  17. Eliza Vanalten
  18. Bob Gentry
  19. Bracken Homewood
  20. Issa Grossman
  21. Kizilbash Ballyhoo
  22. Bebop Hird
  23. HariSheldon Herouin
  24. Peep Pennell
  25. Topshelf Hotshot

#necc #necc2008


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