Good Morning from San Antonio!

Howday y’all!  (you should hear the ‘twang’ that Laelia has developed!LOL)

Talk about sensory and emotional overload!LOL  Yesterday, at 8:30 a.m. the entire DEN in SL LC presented together face-to-face.  Although most of us had the opportunity (fortune) to meet face-to-face on Saturday night (I landing late and cursing the shuttle service to the hotel — I was the last stop), Celestia met some of the LC for the first time only 45 minutes before the presentation. 

In true Laelia fashion, I donned my purple wig and did what ‘Laelia’ does best — worked the crowd.  And what a crowd it was!  All seats (over 100 were taken), standing room only, and they finally had to close the door.  And then we did what the DEN in SL LC does best — we ROCKED THEIR WORLD!!!  We began our session by standing up in the ‘avatar (away)’ position!  Then one by one we raised our head and introduced ourselves.  With a slideshow playing on the screen, each of us took a turn we shared our stories of how SL and DEN in SL had contributed to our Personal/Professional Learning Network.  Riptide introduced the concept of the DEN in SL and the creation of the LC, Lor took it away with a recap of events and promises of future happenings, I shared info about the blog and the wiki, Beth continued with the formation of the DEN Guides, JM shared about the building project, and then came Cel….well, not JUST Cel!  As only the minds of this LC can work, Cel & JM had worked behind the scenes to create a digital story about LostTeacher Haystack who became DENTeacher Magic.  Please be on the lookout for it on the upcoming list for the Emmys, the Tonys, and the DENys!  We concluded with a raffle of the book ‘Second Life for Dummies’, an mp3 player generously provided by DEN, and ten (yes, 10!!!) coupons for L$1,000 each.

I want to take this space to say how honored I am to be working with such a fabulous, creative, dedicated group of individuals.  To me this truly exemplifies the core of a Personal/Professional Learning Network.   And to all the DEN Guides who enable us to even more, and I would like to welcome all educators in SL to come and see what the DEN in SL is all about and how we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your PPLN!

Stay tuned for links to images and videos of the session.

Thank you to all who chose to make ‘Creating a Personal Learning Network in Second Life’ your first session of the day!  If you aren’t already in-world, we hope that we’ll see you there soon.  And please don’t forget to visit the wikispace for more information and links to contact each and every one of us.

Quick Update if you’re at NECC in RL or even if you’re in-world: 
Today, July 1, at 3 p.m. CST (guess that would be San Antonio time!, 4 p.m. EST) we will be in the SL Lounge area for a ‘Meet and Greet’.  Please stop by (in RL or virtually).


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  1. Mark Dunk said:

    This was a wonderful session, and a great way to kick of NECC. Lots of interest and enthusiasm.

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