My First NECC – A reflection

Normally, reflections are written entirely after the fact. They are a way of evaluating what has happened so that what is to come might be modified accordingly. I know that NECC isn’t quite over, but I feel like reflecting right now. After being here for only two and a half days, I can say I have been quite overwhelmed. From the huge, noisy and very flashy exhibit hall, with hundreds of exhibitors, to the catalog of sessions scheduled on top of each other (I think that I have usually had three sessions for every hour that I really really wanted to go to), to the really cool experience of walking through the poster sessions, and including the blogger’s cafe and SL lounge, I am so amazed at the sensory overload! On top of that is the evening events, receptions, and just plain socializing.

The truth is, I haven’t managed to attend many sessions. Frankly, I’ve decided that once I get home, I’m going to watch the Ustreams of all the sessions I wanted to see. I’ve spent my time presenting, doing meet and greets, volunteering at the poster sessions, and networking. Making connections has been an incredible experience. I’ve had the opportunity to meet my twitter pals, my SL pals, and then the usual new faces that a person happens to meet at conferences such as this.

I guess what I’m saying here is . . . even though I will not be walking away with any earth-shattering new techniques for the classroom, I have made some really good connections that will help me find resources in the future. I’m also asking for guest bloggers. If you attended NECC and would like to blog about your experience, let me know and I will get you set up.


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  1. Justin Karkow said:

    BVery well put! A special thanks to the TX DEN for being such gracious hosts. It was great seeing you in Elaine!

  2. Kristine Rebstock said:

    I was not able to attend NECC due to my daughter’s school committments. I am new to DEN, so I don’t know what a Ustream is. Do Ustreams make it possible to view sessions from the conference? Is it a requirement that a person attends NECC to view them? Any information would be very helpful.

  3. Elaine Plybon said:

    Yes, Ustreams are basically a live broadcast over the web during the session. However, most Ustreams are saved and are available after-the-fact, so you will still be able to watch some of the NECC sessions even now that the conference is over. Visit to see a listing of many of the sessions that you can view.

  4. Tim Childers said:

    Elaine, It was great meeting you at NECC! Texas is an awesome place to hold a convention. And thanks for the ustream link in your last post. I was just wondering how I was going to find those streams! Now it is nearly time to head off to Silver Spring!

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