NECC Day 1

Day 2, actually, because we spent Sunday out at Enchanted Springs Ranch with a great bunch of STARS. (Thanks for the post and Animoto, Martha)

Rushton Hurley packed ’em in for his Very Cool Tricks for Using and Making Videos. I couldn’t get into the filled to capacity room, but I was at least able to stand in the back and hear and watch.

Would love to have seen Charlene Chausis do Off Task: Web Sites and Web Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed. The door guard was completely unimpressed with my close Illinois ties to Charlene and would not relent to even opening the door to the closed presentation room. Had to console myself by sitting on the floor outside and sharing her presentation wiki with the plethora of other people who couldn’t get in.

Sat in on Roger Wagner’s HyperStudio 5 presentation. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the announcement of HyperStudio’s (re)birth a year ago was premature. He was “chagrined” that they had promised a fall delivery after LAST year’s NECC and may still be months away at this point. We did get thumb drives with a good beta version on them, however, and I can’t wait to give it a try.

Wes Fryer did a great job on Digital Storytelling With Minimal Clicks: Improving Reading and Writing Skills. Did you know a typical video project takes 3-400 clicks of the mouse button? Students can tell great stories with pictures and their voice in just a few clicks.

Never Lecture in Class Again with Video Podcasting had a novel approach to teaching chemistry. Students watched the lesson at home and then did the “homework” in class along with their peers and with the teacher’s help as needed.

The digital storytelling Special Interest Group got off to a great start. Microphone was passed around and many people shared ideas. Stop in over at, catch up, and maybe add your voice or story to the conversation.

Stopped in at the Tech & Learning magazine reception (formerly Technology & Learning) to toast Jo-Ann McDevitt as she moves on in her career. She will still be a force to be reckoned within the edtech publishing industry in her new role.

Got to reconnect with many friends from around the country and the world at the Apple reception. Gary Atkins, my roommate from last year’s Apple Institute, gave me a great tip on music software to get my granddaughter started on her piano. Will be checking that out at the Sibelius booth. Spent a little time talking with this year’s ISTE Outstanding Teacher, Carol Anne McGuire. Congratulations and good luck in your new job, CA! Big announcement from Apple was iTunes U. for K-12. Go to the iTunes store, click on iTunes U, and look for the K-12 resources at the bottom. (Remember it’s PC and Mac) Is your state sharing there?

And then to end the day, I had a quick preview of Hall Davidson‘s Tuesday spotlight presentation (It’s in Your Pocket: Teaching Spectacularly with Cell Phones) while he was taking a “break” at 10 p.m. I didn’t know cell phones could do all THAT! Good thing we ban them in schools (grin). Stop by the Cockrell theater at 3:30 to catch it. Better get there early, I hear there are only a few thousand seats.


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