An Evernote Never Forgets

A while ago, a friend from Diigo sent me an invite to a closed Beta release of a new Cloud-Computing tool called Evernote. It looked interesting, so I signed up. But then, like so many of the other cool tools we all come across on an almost daily basis, it sat on my computer for months collecting megabyte-dust. That is, until recently.

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I’ve heard a number of people start to sing Evernote’s praises in the past couple of weeks, so I made a mental note (and a Jott 🙂 ) to revisit the tool. Then, surprise, surprise, I got an email a couple of days ago that Evernote Beta has gone public, so everyone is now free to join (and the basic account IS free).

What is Evernote?

Evernote Blog » Blog Archive » How do you use Evernote? via kwout

If you use Jott, or have been thinking about checking it out, here’s a Step-by-Step blog post about how to sync Jott with Evernote. Sweet!

I think the most exciting potential for Evernote, is its Mobile component,which allows you to post and access all of your evernote notes anytime from anywhere.

Check out Evernote and let us know what you think. And, if you’re already using it, PLEASE share your experience!

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