Discovery Education @ NECC 2008!

Discovery Education has a stellar representation at NECC 2008 – as usual…great sessions, great people, and good fun.  Today, Lance Rougeux gave a fabulous session on 50 ways to Use Discovery Education Streaming in your classrooms.  One of the new things I found out was that as of last week, you can now search the video segments for specific state standards (it’s not just the main videos any more)!!   Thanks Discovery Education…this will definitely come in handy for classroom teachers!

I also discovered that if you search for AFI in the Streaming search box, you’ll get an amazing resource from the American Film Institute Education Center.  This phenomenal resource assists in contextualizing screen education in contemporary education practices.   As stated in the teacher guide for episode 1 (there are 9 episodes in all), the “AFI Ed process is designed to allow student learning to emerge from creative collaboration and critical review of students’ work, rather than from more traditional forms of classroom instruction.”  Throughout the 9 episodes and other AFI informational videos (Actor Sean Austin from Lord of the Rings hosts some of the videos), you will be given step by step guidelines on how to effectively utilize this curriculum in your classroom.  If you have Discovery Streaming…definitely…check it out!

The Discovery Education booth also gave fabulous sessions on digital storytelling, using Google Earth with streaming, and much more!  Really great stuff!!!

 Did any fellow bloggers out there attend NECC 2008?  Anything great to share?  Whether you were able to make it or not to San Antonio…you can still check out the website search the handouts and papers link and check out the session websites, handouts, ppts, etc. 


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  1. John Blake said:

    Our students at our school have been enjoying AFI’s resources on “Streaming”. They enjoyed creating their own version of “The Door”. That activity is wonderful to teach lots of 21st Century Skills.

  2. Nicole Gray said:

    John, great to hear that your NC students are using the AFI clips on DE streaming. At the DEN Institute we actually did a version of “The Door”…using water bottles and a refridgerator door in our video presentation – we went a little abstract with it…but a great team project! Thanks for sharing!!

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