Dr. Pepper Blow -Up

necc-logo.pngLIVE from NECC!  This post was initially made live during my presentation in the Lila Cockrell Theater.  We did something in that session never done before (to my knowledge).  We pasted a live feed from a cellphone  (Mr. Steve Dembo’s) into Google Earth. Pretty fun.  We also did it here, in the blog. That’s why it was here since NECC. Also, theatreseats.jpgthe code you see below was pasted “incorrectly” on purpose to show how pasting code in the visual mode instead of the code mode will not show the embedded video.  The session was on code, needless to see.  During the session, a Dr. Pepper basically blew up on the presenter.  Also accidentally.  🙂   If you want to see the session, it is supposedly by Kidz Online, but I can only find old or dead links.   Sigh.  The links and resources will be posted here as soon as I fix a couple of errors.   was great!  Many great teachers to hang with.  More later on that!.  – Hall

Below is the original post.

This is a live test.

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  1. Jessica Tuma said:

    This was a great story! It reminds me of how unexpected events help increase learning outcomes for participants.

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