NECC ’08 Day 2

Here’s what I saw/did on Tuesday –

Great keynote done talk show style with NBC’s Lester Holt.

Special Effects: Creating Movie Magic in Student Projects In addition to showing some easy ways to get special effects, he really drove home giving students as many assets as possible to help them build their stories. He was able to run teams of students through to a finished project with only 7.5 hours of contact time.

Seeing Is Learning: Integrate Digital Pictures and Sound into Lessons I was especially interested in here.

Wish I had seen Soundtracks that Sing: Getting Beyond the Surface in GarageBand

It’s in Your Pocket: Teaching Spectacularly with Cell Phones finished the session portion of the day off with a bang. Our own Hall Davidson had the huge theater he was in in his pocket after his first few slides and especially when he started accepting text messages for stories and real time polling. Presentation should be up on his blog or the Discovery speakers’ bureau page soon.

Relaxed at night by reconnecting with old friends at the IL Computing Educators reception, catching up with the AFI’s Frank Guttler (the door scene guy!), singing happy birthday to the DEN, and finally ended up listening to great music and enjoying fireworks at the Atomic Learning get together. Relaxing wore me out!


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