Intrepid Classroom: Punked-Out Learning

I’ve become very interested lately in a project called the Intrepid Classroom: a self-proclaimed exercise in EduPunk.  In short, “communities creating and using inventive teaching and inventive learning for themselves without the aid of paid professionals. Education Everywhere.”

Intrepid Classroom is a place where students of all ages from around the world can go to meet each other, share ideas, and decide what they want to learn to help the world. The goal is to focus on the following topics: conflict resolution, global sustainability, peace activism, music and art as agent for social change, technology as a tool for social justice, but they are open to any other topics that readers suggest. The hope is to create a fluid, organic curriculum that engages all participants.

Here’s the latest “assignment” posted in the classroom:

“Do a bit of research about DIY and the punk ethics and see what you can produce to show you understand the concept of punk as it relates to your learning and education. Use any tools you have at your disposable both digital and old school, then present your work on the Ning, the wiki, youtube, or your own blog. Don’s ask for clarification, don’t ask for what is acceptable; don’t ask anything just do it. Create!”

Curious?  I sure was, and I’m glad I followed up.  Check out these links to find out more:

The Intrepid Classroom:

There seems to be some really interesting thinking going on here & I’m excited to see students OWNING THEIR OWN LEARNING!

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