NECC ’08 Day 3


denesc.jpgStarted the day with Arnie Abrams’ Digital Storytelling for All Ages. A kindred soul when it comes to the scope of digital storytelling! Movie trailers, commercials, book reports…


Who Can Make a Video in 10 Minutes? You!  Went back for more with Rushton Hurley. I’ll be signing up for his newsletter after this one.  Gems from this session for sharing/presenting pictures and for free sound effects.

sldenil.jpgThen lunch with Frank Guttler, a quick preview of his presentation, and off to set up for his session  AFI Screen Education Center: Digital Filmmaking in the Core Curriculum. It was great to see all the educators present nodding in agreement with Frank and the students, teachers, and administrators who appeared in the videos. I goaded Frank into showing his Google Teachers Academy application video at the end and then he turned the tables on me by showing an interview AFI did with me last year. His is a milestone in simplicity combined with a strong message. Mine is a testament to good editing when you’ve got a talking head hemming and hawing for twenty minutes. Some great new features are available on ScreenNation that will get their own post very soon. You can see Frank’s presentation at the NECC webcast site as well as all the keynotes, at least one of Hall’s sessions, and many others.

annhallmariachis.jpgClosing keynote with Idit Harel Caperton had some great footage of Elliott Solloway. Loved his “good ideas come from the soul” line.

Dinner with Brad and Laura, Hall, Lance and Martha, Ann Truger et al. Barbecue, River Walk, mariachis… as my buddy Larry Anderson says, “It’s awlll gooood!” (And if you’d like to get an idea of how Larry would actually say that, watch Podcasting & Podcatching for the Absolute Beginner on the NECC webcast page.)

Now the only thing between me and Disney World with the grandbabies are conferences in Boston, Silver Spring, and Lincolnshire, IL. Looking forward to all of ‘em.


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