Winners of the Linden Dollars

Good Morning!

Hanging for 3 hours at the S.A. airport — got ‘twittered’ that the security lines where unbelievably long so I headed out early.  And, what do you know?  I was through security in under 10 minutes!  Oh well, the wifi here is great (thanks San Antonio International Airport!) so I thought I’d get a blog post out of the way.

As you recall from one of my last posts, we raffled off L$1,000 vouchers to ten lucky winners at our NECC workshop, Creating a Professional Learning Network in Second Life.  Here is a partial list of the lucky ten (we’re waiting for some of the others to create an avatar):

Valiana Shepard

Evverett Sobociski

Mari Giovinazz0

Abbey Ashton

Arabella Bing

Tomann Dagastion (added on 7-4-08)

Rosemary Rhiadra (added on 7-4-08)

Congrats!  And if you need some help spending that money, just give me a holler! LOL


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  1. Tomann Dagostino said:

    Thank you! Love my new outfit! See you on Wednesday at the DEN.

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