DEN Members Ready for 21st Century Challenge

In downtown San Antonio, Texas, the 2008 National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) kicked off June 29 with a keynote speech by celebrated author James Surowiecki and a challenge to radically change education.


Now in its 29th year, NECC is hosted by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and is the largest educational technology conference in North America.

In keeping this year’s event theme–“Convene, Connect, and Transform”–ISTE President Trina J. Davis challenged attendees to really transform education through the use of technology, not just implement small changes. Davis described five ways attendees could make a difference in their schools:

1. Become powerful advocates for change. Regardless of who inhabits the White House next year, educational technology must play a more prominent role in our national education policy, Davis said–and educators should do everything they can to ensure that it does.

2. Share your knowledge and your passion. Help others take steps to ensure their growth as teachers, Davis said–so they can help students grow as learners.

3. Showcase your work, and students’ work, in innovative ways. Invite parents and community leaders into your schools, Davis said–or take students’ projects to them with the help of podcasts and other technologies.

4. Dream big. Have high expectations for your students, Davis said, because the possibilities that educational technology offers are “endless.”

5. Use all of the resources available to you as you try to effect change.

“Collectively, we can have a real impact around the globe and be effective change agents,” Davis concluded.

AS I read over this call-to-action, I can’t help but smile to myself as I think about how DEN members are doing each and every one of these things on a DAILY basis!

Keep on fighting the good fight everyone 🙂

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