San Antone

As NECC 2008 gets smaller in my rear view mirror and I read others’ reflections on their days down there, I am reminded that there is so much more to San Antonio and its surroundings than the Alamo. From the hunter-gatherer tribes who were continually victimized by their more warlike neighbors to the German immigrants who left their mark and names everywhere, there’s a richly layered history to the region.

And I bet that your own town has an interesting story to tell too. Your middle and high school students have just nine more days to share that information with the world via the American Film Institute’s ScreenNation Home Town Challenge. Do it not just for the Sony camcorder kit and the eternal fame of being the first ever ScreenNation challenge winner, but also to hold up what’s good and interesting about your alma domus for the world to see. Look over the current entries and learn from all the other videos in many categories on ScreenNation.

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