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Just in case you weren’t able to meet the door scene guy (AFI’s Frank Guttler) in person  at the DEN reception in San Antonio, you can see him in action on a NECC webcast. Look for “AFI Screen Education Center: Digital Filmmaking in the Core Curriculum,” Wednesday at 1:30. Due to copyright concerns for this webcast, Frank had to leave out his usual Hollywood illustrations of movie points that we all easily recognize, but he still builds a compelling case for visual grammar and using video with students in the core curriculum. Use the manual and video clips available on ‘streaming for just minutes or hours to get across some movie making basics and then build on the writing process to concentrate on your particular subject matter.
afilistnecc.jpgResearch backs it up: students take charge of their own learning, make use of 21st skills they already have, and they tend to retain material at a deeper level. You’ll see interviews with students, teachers, an administrator and Hollywood professionals, a preview of upcoming challenges with the stars (just 5 days left to get in on this first one), and a tour of ScreenNation (including a couple of extra features). Frank also highlights a few videos in different genres posted by students on the ScreenNation site in his AFI blog.

Couldn’t make it to San Antonio? Use these webcasts to bring NECC 2008 to you – especially Hall’s “It’s in Your Pocket: Teaching Spectacularly with Cell Phones.” Humor, hard facts, audience participation, fair warning, it’s all there!


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  1. Kyle - said:

    I am a music teacher and definitely feel the need to use video as a teaching tool more often. I will hopefully have some of the tools that I need this coming year to better meet those needs.

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    Kyle, that’s great. Try getting your kids to help with the soundtracks of other students’ videos. Great way to promote your program with students.

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