A STAR Reflects on Edubloggercon at NECC

Fred DelventhalOne of the things I attended was edubloggercon on Saturday prior to the official start of NECC. Billed as an unconference, it was a little bit different than the structure of NECC. It was a much smaller crowd, although the 200 people that were there was bigger than the 70 people from the year before. It was a chance to meet and speak with some of the big name educational bloggers out there.

Something that was quite different from anything I else I have ever attended was deciding which sessions would be offered from those proposed. First thing that morning everyone cast their votes for the sessions they would like to participate in and then a schedule was quickly drawn up and put on the wiki. The voting was cool as we used Poll Everywhere which allows you to turn cell phones into classroom response systems (the cell phone in the classroom sessions were packed). Everyone texted there votes in and the bar graphs changed constantly on the big screens during the voting period. Side note: if you don’t text, consider yourself officially behind. You have the choice to catch up or be left back there in the days of yesteryear.

Jennifer Dorman, also known as cliotech, did a great run down of of the Web 2.0 Smackdown.

~Fred Delventhal

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