Call for Bloggers

As we near the first of many national and regional DEN institutes, I’m putting out the call for guest bloggers. I’ll cover the National LC institute coming up next week, but I’ll need a guest blogger for the National institute the next week and also for the regional institute in Dallas August 1-2. All this would involve is one blog post at the end of the institute (you can do posts during the institute, as well, if you’d like) to reflect on what you experienced and learned.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please comment here or email me at and I’ll get you the information you need.


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  1. Kelli Erwin said:

    I will be in Dallas for DEN Aug 1-2, so count me in to blog. Let me know the details.


  2. Betsy Ruffin said:

    I emailed Elaine personally a bit ago and said I would blog. I think I have information on login from when I blogged for TCEA, gotta search my email to see if I still have it.

    Meanwhile, anybody know of someone who wants or is willing to have a roomie at the conference? I was going to just drive both days, but a schedule change has me thinking about staying up there over Friday night.

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