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Learned about this from Scott’s blog, and thought it might be pretty useful.  Particularly if you use your cell phone as a video recording device!

Basically, is an all in one movie cleaner upper.  Too dark?  It brightens it.  Too shaky?  It steadies it.  Seemed to do a decent job on their blog in their demo videos, but in my own test it didn’t work too great.    I’ve embedded two videos below, one uploaded straight to YouTube and the other run through FixMyMovie.


“Fixed” Movie:I deliberately did it in low light and then in no light.  Unfortunately neither really came out.  I’ll be doing more tests, but I’m curious to know if anybody else has any ‘too dark’ videos and wants to try it out.  If you do, leave me some links!  Love the idea in theory, and hope it works in practice.


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  1. Scott Holcomb said:

    Hey, thanks for shout out about finding this via my post! I think it would have worked for you had you had at least a night light on in the room or a low wattage desk lamp. Try it out…low light is the key I think.

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