Class- Please Make Sure Your Cell Phones are Turned ON!

Right now we are sitting in Hall Davidson’s opening keynote for the 2008 DEN Leadership Council Institute- It’s in your Pocket: How to Use Cell Phones in Your Classroom.176604426_d6e536ba48.jpg?v=0” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Qustion: What do YOU do in your classroom with cell phones?

Answer (for most of us): Mostly take them away!

Here are a few of his main points:

  • Although the debate about cell phone use in schools is a good one, if we continue to try to ban them we are just fighting a losing battle. Why? Of all the stakeholders in our students’ education, who will be most vehement about ensuring those students have cell phones in their pockets? PARENTS!
  • Who forbids cell phone use? The Taliban, and a High School near you (Even Fidel Castro came around!)
  • 60% of U.S. homes don’t even have a land-line in their house anymore. One student said: “”Why should I have a phone where I’m not?”
  • Education follows Business- Nokia (largest cell phone maker in the world) is currently rolling out IP video technology. There business plan is all about allowing buisness to know what’s going on in there buildings. They expect to see almost a 400% ROI in less than 15 months.
  • Education Technology can follow business model by using video to control the outflow of information from their schools in a positive manner & allow everyone to know the GOOD things going on in our schools.
  • Cell Phone Video can track students location

Some Mobile Media Solutions for Education:

  • allows live video feed from your cell phone (doesn’t work on all cell phone types yet- but it will soon…)
  • can podcast phone conversations automatically to the web. What a great tool for primary source interviews!
  • can post text messages automatically to your Twitter account
  • will instantly take polls & post the results for you. The results even do live updating as you view them- very cool!
  • You can update your mobile setting in YouTube to post video automatically from your cell phone.

Hall’s closing message about our students & cell phones: OUR “non-work” time has been “ruined” by mobile devices, why shouldn’t there’s be too?!

Right on Hall- Let’s get students to start to use mobile media tools in school for good, not just for “evil” 🙂

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